Newborn photography can be quite a feminine area – even for baby boys.  There’s a bit of a tendency to complement those gorgeous sleeping newborns with delicate and tiny accessories.  Obviously we make it as manly as possible for the newborn boys but even a mini flat cap tends to the cute rather than the butch shall we say.

The one area that this tends to change is where dads get involved with planning the shot and bringing along accessories to include.  It’s always lovely to personalise your session by bringing your own items and so here’s a collection of five of my favourite dad-planned shots.  If I’m honest, they do tend to centre around sporting themes when fathers are asked to provide inspiration but they are no less lovely for that.  Although I think my husband would struggle with anything other than a Liverpool shirt, I have no such prejudices, and I think I’ve had most of the teams in the premier league (and a few that aren’t) in the studio at some point.   However, outside of the sporting them, there is also one that I’ve included in this little collection with a very special heirloom watch and that one day will fit him and be given to him – just a gorgeous memento and a reminder of when his little hand was just so tiny that we had to balance the watch very carefully to get it to stand up.

I have a range of props, blankets and accessories that you are welcome to use and include in your session so you don’t have to bring along anything but, like I say, it’s nice to add your personal touch.  Items that people often bring are hand knitted toys and blankets (there are a lot of clever folk out there who make such beautiful things!), items personalised with baby names, first teddies and toys or even teddies that belonged to mum or dad that will be passed on for a new generation of love.  However, that’s not an exhaustive list, so you’re welcome to bring along anything you’d like to and I’ll do my best to incorporate it.  If you’re not sure if something will work, then you can always get in touch before your session and we can talk over some ideas.

A newborn photo shoot includes your five favourite images to download at print resolution and is £95.  If you’d like to find out more and book your session then you can just follow this link to visit my Newborn webpage for all the information you need.