Studio Props and Accessories

I do love a little prop purchasing and, although I swore to myself that I’d be ever so good, I simply couldn’t resist this vintage crate to add to my studio collection.

It’s a genuine apple crate, apparently retired from service and so it’s really sturdy. I was particularly enticed by the fact that it is great for older babies and children (it’s way too big for a newborn) and you can sit on it, in it and in front of it for a really cool vintage feel. There are lots of ways to style it up whether you want to make it pretty with flowers or keep it neutral with a simple coloured or wooden backdrop. Anyway, it’s added to the collection now so if I did feel any remorse (which I didn’t), there’s nothing I can do about it!

It’s on the list of props that you can select when you come to visit so just request it if you’d like to include it.