I’m an adult and for the most part quite a functioning one but I’ve never really grown out of two things – teddy bears and blankets (oh three things actually as I’m not entirely convinced that there aren’t fairies at the bottom of my garden.  Well you can’t prove they’re not there!)

I’ve got a whole lot to say about teddy bears too (in fact here’s a blog post on this important subject which proves it) but today I’d like to talk about blankets.  It’s cutting edge stuff here, I know…

My home has them all over the place.  In fact anywhere you might like to snuggle it’s very important to me that there be a blanket close at hand to make it possible.  Above pictured is actually my first ever blanket from my cot when I was tiny and I still can’t bear to part with it.

I don’t leave my textile love at home either. I have a studio full of blankets to use as baby backdrops and wraps.  I’d like more too but I’ve run out of room and my husband (who has to share the studio) has already warned me about encroaching further on his increasingly limited allocated space.

It is comforting, therefore, to know that I’m not alone.  Blankets are about the most commonly brought along accessory to a newborn or baby session (along with teddy bears so I’m not alone there either!) .  There a re all sorts and they are both a cosy and an easy prop to include in your photo shoot as babies generally love to be warm and wrapped. I have all sorts in the studio from hand knitted gifts, through family heirlooms and cool personalised blankets. They are just a brilliant addition to any baby photo shoot.