Mummy's Wedding Dress Portrait Photo Shoot West Sussex

Molly came to visit for an In Mummy’s Wedding Dress portrait photo shoot recently and she just loved getting to wear her mum’s ‘best dress’.

As you can see, it was a pretty big dress which is actually the most fun of all as there is so much of it to swish around although obviously we do have to clip it pretty severely at the back to get it to stay in place.  Still, it looked just gorgeous on her and we had loads of fun making different images of her enjoying her outfit.  Then, as it was such a big dress, we decided to have a little sit down and rest on my vintage brown wood studio chair.  Complete with her mum’s tiara, she looks just perfect. I’m sure she’ll love to look back on these photos if she ever plans her own wedding and of course, she’ll already know exactly what to do!