My digital mermaid photo shoots have a lower age limit of 5 years old as your mermaid needs to be able to follow some simple instructions and stay in position to get perfect blend in the finished image.

However, I do recognise that some mermaids are smaller and they also deserve the chance for beautiful mermaid photos and so I added in a ‘real life’ mermaid set for ages 2 – 5 at my recent Mermaid Event Day.  This was a gorgeous underwater set complete with bubbles and sunken treasure and it was a lot of fun to work with.  Mermaid costumes were also provided to complete the look.

Whilst you can book digital mermaid photo shoots at any time, this real life set will only be available at event days – the Mermaid event will be back in March 2024 – so pop a note in the diary if your little mermaid would love to be transformed!