Newborn Photo Shoot West Sussex Crawley Down

I have a wide range of props that you can choose from to add to your newborn session – and by props I mean separate items that your baby can sleep on or in aside from my giant beanbag.

Even working with just my beanbag, there are lots of accessories we can add in to give you great variety in your images and of course, some folk like to keep it simple and don’t want any props at all.  That’s totally fine too!

However, it’s not a case of simply lining them up and moving from one prop to the next  – I totally wish it was but that’s just not how newborn photography works.  Transitions between props are much harder in terms of keeping your baby asleep and so I recommend that you choose one per session.  If there is a second one that you have your heart set on, you can let me know about that too in the comments field of the options form and I’ll have it on standby if we can get to it.

How the session is structured is that we start work on my giant beanbag which is the easiest place to get your baby settled and sleepy then we work through a series of poses and stripping down until they are happily in the land of nod and easy for me to move about.  Some babies of course arrive extremely sleepy and stay that way throughout the session but that is a bit of a rarity and most babies will have at least one unsettled phase within our time together.  That’s totally fine, I expect it and we just solve their issues until they are ready to go back to sleep again.  At their maximum sleepiness, we transition to the prop and, if they are happy there, then we can try the second one.  If you want to add sibling and family photos in at the end of the session, then we want to keep them nice and settled so they’ll play ball there too.

So when you see the list of props on your newborn photo shoot options form, I promise I’m not being stingy or lazy when I ask you to select just one or two.  There’s quite a lot that goes into working through the process of a newborn photo shoot and, although the finished images all look serene and peaceful, your newborn won’t always be that way throughout the session.  I’ve always believed in being totally honest with you about what you can expect from your newborn session and I’d rather let you know up front rather than have you disappointed that you don’t have ten different prop shots in your finished collection.  You’ll still have lots of images to love!

Newborn Photography

A newborn photo shoot is best when your baby is between 5 and 10 days old as this is when they are at their maximum sleepiness and poseability to capture those dreamy shots.  For this reason, I definitely recommend that you book when you are pregnant as this is one less thing to worry about scheduling when you’ve just got home from the hospital.   We make an appointment for your due date plus 7 days and then adjust it as needed.

My newborn shoots include your three favourite digital images which you select from your online gallery a few weeks after your photo shoot – I don’t make you attend a sales or viewing session.  Sessions take place in my warm and cosy studio in Crawley Down and cost £95.