Happy New Year from Sarah Fisher Photography

I love the new year as it feels like such a good time to have some moments looking back on everything that has happened in the year just gone.  For the most part, the year just rushes by and I run alongside it trying to keep up so I do enjoy the chance to have a few moments of reflection.  With that, of course, comes the chance to make some plans for the new year and I always think that it’s like starting a new exercise book at school – all clean and pristine blank pages that you can make into anything that you’d like.   OK, it’s probably going to get a bit messier towards the end but at the beginning, the possibilities are endless and I love that.

2018 I think has been my best year yet for Sarah Fisher Photography.  It’s been busy, I’ve had time to catch up with lots of old friends and make lots of new ones in the studio.  There’s been a steady supply of sleepy newborns and crazy cake smashers and I’ve learned a lot about how I want to focus my photography (pardon the pun) along the way. This has lead to me saying goodbye to a couple of my service offerings – teen model experience and teen birthday parties. They were a riot to do and I loved them very much but I feel I’m better focusing on maternity, newborns, babies and families moving forward.

I’ve found that people have been really invested in the photography process and coming along with so many great ideas, items to include and thoughts for themes that it’s been a joy to create images for them. It’s never essential to have a hard and fast idea of what you’d like when you get to the studio – I’m always happy to work with the flow and I have ideas for miles so you can borrow mine but it’s been really fun to see how much effort people have put into planning their sessions so they get pictures that they know they will love and are really personal to them.  Bring on your screenshots and Pinterest boards for 2019 – I’m ready for you and quite often it’s an excuse to make more bunting and if you’ve met me, you’ll know I’m always up for that :)

The other thing that 2018 has been great for is laughing. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much or had so much fun in the studio.   And that is in a year when the cursed Shark Song hit our lives so I’m actually quite proud of that.

So I’d like to take a chance to say thanks to everyone who has come to visit and trusted me to capture your memories for you. At the risk of being maudlin, it’s meant the world, and I can’t wait to see what we can create together in 2019.

Happy new year with much love.Love from Sarah