It’s perfectly natural to be protective over your brand new baby (or your child of any age for that matter) but you can be assured that I am very experienced at handling newborns.  Your session will be totally baby led and I will always be watching to check that their temperature is right, their circulation is good and that they are comfortable at all times.  Of course babies will sometimes cry during their session but I am skilled at knowing whether they are just having a bit of a grumble or whether we need to make adjustments to get them comfortable.  All the poses that I use are safe for your baby and I would never leave them unsupported or able to startle and fall.  Where poses require extra help, I will ask for assistance from a parent and use digital compositing to create a beautiful image in a situation where it would not be safe to leave a baby unsupported – an example of this would be picture that you might have seen with a baby in a hat or helmet or resting their head on their hands.  In cases like these, there is always a parent supporting them from different angles and then the images are stitched together to remove the parent from the final image.