This is one of two things that people regularly say to me, this and ‘I’m not very photogenic’.

Well, you’ve got to the studio and so it was obviously important enough for you to get the pictures and so you’ve already done the hard part.  All you need to do when you get into the studio is just relax and let me guide you through the process of creating your images.  I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to create great images, I’ll tell you how to stand, sit and pose and gently walk you through everything you need to do.  It might feel a bit weird for the first couple of minutes but I promise, it will be much worse in your head and after a really short period you’ll be right in the swing of it.  You might even (eek) have fun – pretty much everyone does.

Plus, as I always say, the very worst thing that can happen is that you look at the photos and don’t like them enough to look at them again.  That won’t happen but if that’s the very worst case scenario, then it’s no big deal right?