Photography Studio Covid Precautions Sarah Fisher Photography

As part of my commitment to being Covid safe, I’m always monitoring for the latest advice.  In terms of props, the CDC in America have just issued further advice to photographers to suggest that all props and accessories be covered when not in use.

Most of my props were covered anyway but there was still the my ‘dresser of stuff’ plus some open shelving in parts of the studio. All soft props have been washed, or quarantined in a separate area for 48 hours between uses where they couldn’t be washed.  All hard props and furnishings are sprayed with a virus killing spray so I think that it was a pretty robust hygiene routine.  However, more precautions can’t be a bad thing so the remaining open prop storage areas have now been covered with plastic sheeting.

I tell you this now so you don’t think you’ve walked into a Dexter-style kill room when you visit the studio!

Plus, to reassure all those animal lovers out there, I have checked in with the ducks and squirrel on the dresser of stuff and they assure me that they can still breathe fine.