It’s quite normal to not really think of yourself as a mother until you have your baby in your arms.  But you’re already there when you’re pregnant even if it is hard to visualise a whole other person inside of you.

Maternity photography is all about celebrating the start of your motherhood journey.  Even if you never show the photos to anyone else, I can almost guarantee that they will be a treasured item in your memory box to look back on as your family grows.  It is also a wonderful idea to create some memories to share with your little one as they get older – showing them how you looked when they were in your tummy is a precious thing.

Don’t Always be the One Behind the Camera

Mums are famously absent from many photos as they are, more often than not, the ones holding the camera. So a maternity photo shoot is the perfect opportunity to carve out some photographic memories just for you.  And if you need an excuse to give yourself a little bit of pampering, a session in front of the camera is the perfect reason to spoil yourself!

I totally understand that our usual female body concerns can be amplified during pregnancy. It is normal to fret over stretch marks and swollen ankles which is why, if you have concerns, then just share them with me before your session. I’ll be posing and lighting you for maximum flattering effect but we also have the added bonus of the post production process to remove any marks or blemishes that you don’t want in the finished images.  Conversely, if you are proud of your tiger stripes then let me know and I’ll leave them in. It’s your session and your choice.

Getting Naked in the Studio

The same is true when it comes to how much clothing you want (or don’t want) to remove.  You can be

  • Fully clothed
  • Exposed bump
  • In underwear
  • Implied nude (covered where it matters in the pose)

There are no rules on how you should commemorate your pregnancy so we simply work together to create images you will love.

The same is true if you want to bring your partner or other children to your session to make it a family affair. That’s fine with me.  Or if you want to take the few quiet moments of your shoot just for yourself then that’s fine too.  As the Subway sandwich chain say “Make it what you want”.

Take the Maternity Photography Plunge!

Either way, if you’re on the fence about having pregnancy photos taken, I would advise you to go for it.  You can’t change your mind and have them taken later and you’re more likely to regret not having photos to look back on (I know I do).

Be brave, take the plunge, make your session your own and celebrate the crazy miracle that is growing a whole other human being.

Maternity Photography

I recommend coming for your maternity shoot when you are between 32 – 36 weeks pregnant so you have plenty of bump to show but you’re not getting too uncomfortable (also in case your baby decides to make an early appearance).  My maternity shoots cost £95 and include your three favourite digital images (you’re also welcome to borrow any of my gorgeous maternity photo shoot dresses while you’re in the studio).  You select your pictures and order any more that you would like directly from your online gallery, there’s no sales or viewing session to attend.