If you’re a Joey Club member then you have three photo shoots in your baby’s first year – one each at 4, 8 and 12 months.  But of course, you don’t need to be a club member, to book for a baby photo shoot – you’re always welcome!

There’s no bad time to come but if you’re booking a stand alone baby session, then I’d probably recommend doing it at a time when your baby is sitting steadily by themselves but not yet crawling. It’s not a problem if they’re already mobile of course but it does limit the props we can use and also increase our time spent baby chasing and resetting but then we’re all supposed to be getting more exercise anyway.  If you’re choosing, sitting up but not crawling is the sweet spot.

How to Dress Them

It comes down to personal style choices really but if you like things clean and uncluttered, then a simple white vest is always timeless. It’s nice to have a nappy cover / pants as well if you want to get all the beautiful baby skin on display.  If you’ve got a favourite outfit or two then bring them along – I don’t limit the amount of outfits that we work with but babies aren’t always the biggest fans of getting changed so…

Of course, some people like to really style their shoots with backdrops, props and accessories and I’m always happy with that too! I have a range of outfits you’re welcome to borrow from little knitted trouser / hat combos for the fellas to flouncy pettiskirts and rompers for the girls.  Like I say, personal style choice entirely.

What to Expect

Of course your baby is still really little and what is fun for the first 10 minutes can fast become boring or irritating to them.  So we move pretty quickly between shot ideas to make the most of their patience before it runs out.  Check your dignity at the door cos if silly faces and singing make them smile then we’re going to be doing it 🙂 I promise to sing along as long as I know the words…  These are relaxed and fun sessions designed to capture the personality of your little person at its sparkling best.