This is Harry in for his first baby photography club session aged four months and in fine form that’s for sure!

I don’t limit the amount of outfit changes in any photo shoot but obviously for a small person, changing outfits can be a big pain.  One way to minimise the upset caused by the ‘horror’ of getting dressed is to start in your favourite outfit.  Then we strip down and do any stuff in their birthday suit (the cute shot here is usually on their tummy so you have plenty of blackmail opportunities when they start to bring prospective boyfriends and girlfriends home far off in the future).  Then we get the nappy back on and work with just that for a while and this is a good point at which to add props / hats / accessories.  Then if patience is still holding, go for your next favourite outfit.   Maximum cuteness and photos in your gallery with the minimum of tears.

And if you’re wondering how happy  I was to see the super cute dinosaur hat / toy combo – the answer is very happy!

Included in my baby photography club for £39.95

  • Sessions at 4, 8 and 12 months
  • The last session as a cake smash / tub splash if you’d like it (no extra charge)
  • Your favourite image from each session in a wall frame at the end of the year
  • Online image gallery after each session (no sales / viewing appointments)