So we’re at the end of 2021 and what a year for so many reasons – not least of all these fabulous young ladies who have all come to visit the studio in order to be one of my monthly cover stars.

This year’s theme, if you hadn’t guessed, was colours and this is the first time I’ve done my cover star shoots with older children.  It’s been such a treat to have these amazing young ladies to come and model for me.  They’ve done an amazing job of brightening up my social media and website on all of the months, even when some of them have felt a little gloomy.

Next year’s theme will be something a little different – in honour of launching my brand new dog photography service, my cover stars will all have four legs and a tail!  It’s such a lovely part of my job to carve a little time out to just create photo shoots for the sake of it – the most fun a girl can have I reckon.  Well, this girl anyway.