In Mummy's Wedding Dress Photo Shoot Event Crawley Down East Grinstead

This photo shoot event is always a real treat in my studio. I call it ‘In Mummy’s Wedding Dress’ and it’s just a wonderful amount of fun for everyone involved.

It’s a mini portrait photo shoot that does exactly what the title suggests.  Dig your wedding dress and any accessories (shoes, veil, tiara etc) out of storage and let your little girl feel like a real princess as she gets to wear it for a little while.

These shoots are perfect for little girls aged four and up.  We get into the dress and clip everything at the back so that it stays in place, and she can have fun admiring herself and swishing about while we add in accessories and set up various different shots to capture your little girl in a very special dress.   It creates beautiful images in their own right but they could also be the perfect gift to store up and give her for her wedding day when she is choosing her own dress.