These images are from one of my last sessions of 2016 and we couldn’t help but get caught up with the festive theme – fairy lights, tiny reindeer and the best presents of all!  Definitely some adorable images for both the twins and their parents to look back on and remember their first Christmas with.

Luckily for me, their mum brought along the outfits and the present sacks and I knew from our shared Pinterest board for the shoot that she’d had her eye on some fairy light images so I made sure I have those ready and waiting for her.  Sharing a board on Pinterest is a great idea when you are planning to visit the studio – it gives me a really clear idea of the style of images you are looking for.  Of course, we don’t set out to copy images and not everything could be replicated in the studio even if we were of a mind to but it is a really good way of getting a flavour of the ideas you have and the styles you like. If you have a shoot booked and you’d like to start collaborating, then feel free to invite me to your board – you’ll find me as SarahFishPhoto