Family Portrait Photo Shoot East Grinstead West Sussex

International Women’s Day wasn’t that long ago and it brought lots of attention to the fact that us girls don’t always take the time celebrate ourselves.

This beautiful woman was taking the time to do exactly that with a photo shoot just for herself to celebrate a milestone birthday that was coming up for her.  She’s already been to visit the studio a few times with her husband and daughter for baby and family photo shoots and, although we did incorporate a few shots with her daughter in for this shoot to celebrate that part of her that is a mother, the rest of the time was all about her.  She brought along three outfit changes which is the perfect amount as it let’s you create different looks so you can show off different aspects of your life.  We started casual (this is the section where we added in her daughter as well) and then got progressively more dressy as the shoot went on finishing up with this beautiful cocktail outfit.

So if you’ve got a milestone birthday or event coming up, or just fancy carving out a little time for yourself for no other reason than you deserve it, you can book in a portrait photo shoot.  It’s a relaxed session in the studio, and you don’t need to have any experience to get the best photos – I’ll gently guide you though posing so you show off your best self!