With the Joey Club Baby Photography club, you get three sessions in your baby’s first year to capture those major milestones.  Find out more about your sessions by clicking on the tabs below.

The First Session – 4 Months Old

Baby Photography Studio Crawley East GrinsteadAt about four months old, things should be starting to relax from the chaos that a newborn baby throws a household into. All those good things like routines and regular sleep should be starting to happen your little passenger will be really starting to engage with the world around them.

So this is an ideal time for the first of your Joey Club sessions. Obviously at this stage, your baby is still physically limited in terms of supporting themselves so this session is shot on our specially designed beanbags that allow them to sit upright and comfortably for at least a portion of their photos. They love this as it gives them the freedom to see exactly what is going on whilst remain secure and snuggled in.

We have lots of backdrops, outfits and accessories for both boys and girls but of course, you are invited to bring along any special outfit or items that you would like to include in the session.

The Second Session – 8 Months Old

Vintage Baby Photos East Grinstead Crawley Down

Now things are really starting to move along at a rate of knots and your baby will be mastering new skills all the time.

As well as still making use of our baby posing beanbags, we will also have a play with a bit of ‘tummy time’ and if your little one is already mobile, we will get some of those ‘action shots’ as they start to crawl about.

Again we have a range of outfits, props and accessories that you are welcome to use or bring along things you would like to include if you’d like to – treasured toys, family heirlooms, or just clothes you adore them in.

The Third Session – 12 Months Old

Cake Smash and Tub Splash First Birthday Photography in Crawley Down East GrinsteadThe first year has flown by and as well as all the other celebrations you and your family and friends will have planned, you can add in your 12 month Joey Club session to the festivities.  We usually recommend that you schedule this appointment about three weeks before the big day so you can use any resulting images for birthday party invitations or just as part of the celebrations.

The 12 month session is a birthday themed session complete with props and accessories, which we play with along with obviously capturing your little one as they reach their landmark first year. The resulting images are cute, funny and ones to really treasure – and we also create a montage poster print that you can order from the session that captures the highlight from all the fun!

You are invited also to bring along a cake to add a ‘cake smash photography’ session in as well. Basically, your baby gets to explore, play with and in some cases eat their birthday cake whilst we capture everything on camera.

More about the Cake Smash