Mummy's Wedding Dress Portrait Photo Shoot West Sussex

This is the latest addition to my portrait photography suite and I couldn’t be more in love with it.  The perfect end to a little girl’s portrait session – the chance to try on mummy’s wedding dress.  Not to mention a wonderful opportunity to get your dress out of storage and admire it just one more time.

Originally, the idea came from a client on her wedding day and we did take a picture of her little girl in the wedding dress before the bride got into it. Her daughter was very little and the shot was a little rushed as there was all the usually wedding day activity going on around us but it’s still an image that I love.  It’s stuck with me over the years and so when I got the chance to try it in the studio, I jumped at it and I just adore the resulting images.

The wedding dress in question has been in storage since the big day and so mum really enjoyed getting it out of storage and taking the chance to relive the memories and generally admire it again – it is a stunning dress that’s for sure!  And her daughter was excited to have the chance to put it on even though obviously it is heavily clipped at the back to ensure it stayed put!  A lovely end to a very fun portrait session.

The days of wedding dresses getting handed down through the generations from wedding day to wedding day are largely over and I just think this is a gorgeous way to share it between mother and daughter for just a little while and create a family heirloom image.