Gosh these sections are a nightmare to write.  I never know what to say…

I can tell you how I’m ‘passionate about photography‘ but then everyone does that so you wouldn’t know if it was true or if I was just saying it to fit in.  I could tell you how my love of photography grew from photographing my own children but that just wouldn’t been true. I’ve loved photography since I was about 12. I went to night classes at my local college when I was 13 and there definitely were no kids involved at that point.  See, but now I’m worried that I’ve inadvertently strayed down the ‘passionate about’ route…

So sticking to the facts might be the safest option.

Sarah Fisher Photography West Sussex Crawley Down East Grinstead

When I left uni, I had lots of different jobs that didn’t really make me happy. They weren’t bad jobs but just not the kind of thing that I could see myself doing until I was old and grey.  So eventually I took the plunge, and after lots of retraining, qualifying and practicing, I became a fully fledged professional photographer. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to make this big decision and sometimes stressful journey alone as somewhere along the way, I’d fallen in love and got married.  So both my husband and me had made the same decision so we worked through it all together.  Which is a much nicer way to do things.

More than a decade on and I can honestly say it was the best decision we ever made.  We are incredibly lucky to have a gorgeous boutique studio at our home, and being based in the fabulous South East surrounding by countryside and lots of really stunning wedding venues is no disadvantage either.

I started off mostly being a wedding photographer which I still do and love but then I got greedy and decided to do portraiture as well.  I specialise in maternity, newborn and family photography, and fine art portraiture of children.  Then I also have my very own Enchanted Forest fairy photography studio where little girls can visit and experience a little bit of magic and fairy dust as well as be photographed as their fairy selves.

Anyway, you didn’t ask for my life story so I’ll end by saying, welcome to my online space – make yourselves at home, have a poke around, check out my Galleries and get in touch if you have any specific questions – I’m always happy to chat (Seriously. It drives my husband mad).