My unique and magical fairy photography experience will be back in the studio on September 2nd 2018 and the calendar will shortly be opening to allow you to book one of these exclusive sessions.

The Enchanted Forest is the setting for your little one’s photo shoot and, rather than being one of the formula travelling roadshow experiences that you see so often, this is entirely hand designed and built by me in one half of my studio.  I even hand make the dresses and the wands to be sure that you can’t have this experience anywhere else in the world and to make it extra magical for my little visitors.

When I started to put together this type of session (about five years ago I think), it was really important to me that it feel as real as possible for my visiting fairies. I didn’t want them to feel as though they were just coming along for a photo shoot although of course the photos were to be the end product.  So I designed the room to be an immersive set rather than a backdrop with a couple of props and there’s always a few little secrets and surprises hidden about the place for enquiring eyes to find.  (I’d tell you what they were but it’s different every time I build it so it’s quite often a surprise to me as well!).

For this reason, my Forest is perfect for little ones aged three years and over.  They need to be able to follow simple instructions to keep them safe and get the best possible photos as well as to enjoy the experience.

What to Expect from a Fairy Photo Shoot

So when you arrive we take a short walk through our woodland path to the studio. The first job when we arrive is to put together the perfect fairy outfit so we head into the changing room where your fairy can select her dress from the range and any accessories she’d like to add.  Then we head into the Forest, where she can choose her wings and her magic wand  – well you can’t very well be a fairy without those!   Then it’s time to take some photos.  I’ll gently guide your fairy through the session and introduce her to some of my magical props and tell her a little bit about them.  My preferred topic of conversation is usually fairies and magic but all the while we’ll be creating your images.  Once we’re done, it is time to get changed back into civilian clothes and head on home.  Generally a single fairy shoot takes about 25 minutes and probably about 40 minutes for two fairy sisters as they have pictures both together and separately.

After your Photo Shoot

So there’s no sales or viewing process at all in my fairy photography experience.  Once we’re done creating your images, you simply head on home.  A couple of days later, you’ll receive an email which will contain the link to your online gallery and your password.  You simply follow the link, enter your code and admire your fairy.  You have one digital images included in  your session price (we’ll come to that in a bit) and so you can use the favourites function within the gallery to let me know which one you’d like.  Then you can order anything else you would like online just like any other internet shopping experience.

What a Fairy Shoot Costs

This is a bit of a contentious issue with me as everyone has heard of these ‘free’ fairy shoots where they put you through the sales mill at the end and the photos costs hundreds of pounds.  So people assume that mine is the same which it isn’t.   So here’s the costs, all laid out in advance – no secrets, no sales, no surprises…

The photo shoot costs £25 for a single fairy or £35 for two fairy sisters (the size of the Forest means that I can’t accommodate groups larger than this).  Each session includes one digital image at print resolution that you select from your gallery sized at 10×8″ 300ppi.

A single additional digital image is £15

To purchase and download everything in your gallery is £50

Every fairy is a little bit different so there’s no real standard number of photos that we take.  Still, I think that the session below was pretty typical of a fairy photo shoot so you can take a look at it by clicking on the button to get an idea of what a finished gallery looks like.