In some ways, I do wonder if I’ve not really grown up at all. I mean, I build a fairy forest in my studio a few times a year in part at least so I can indulge in making up fairy stories for my little visitors, and I genuinely love it when someone brings a teddy bear to a photo shoot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fond of all stuff animals – I mean, who doesn’t love a Jelly Cat rabbit?  They’re so soft! But I will always have a special place in my heart for a teddy bear.  And a special place in my bedroom as it happens as this is where my first ever teddy bear still lives.

As if proof were needed, here he is.  His name is (imaginatively) Ted, I believe he was one of the first gifts that I was given after I was born and as you can see by his worn patches, replacement pads and a lack of a nose, he has received a good lot of love over the years.  His squeaker still works though and I will freely admit to giving him a quick squeeze and a squeak when I am doing the dusting so he knows that he hasn’t been forgotten.

So if you’re wondering if you’d like to bring along anything to include at your baby’s photo shoot, then spare a thought for their favourite toy.  I’d love to have a photo of me with my much loved Ted in his younger years and plus, you’d be making me happy too (I will give a teddy a sneaky cuddle when I think no-one’s looking).  Seriously, they make great photo shoot accessories so if you have a toy that’s special to you and / or your little one (I’ve had people bring along their own first teddies to newborn shoots as they are getting ready to begin all their service again for a new little person) then don’t be shy!

And, for no other reason than I just love it, I’m going to share the picture below. Teddy Bears.  Protecting children from monsters under the bed since 1902.