I think I’ve left it a decent amount of time now since our inboxes were filled to bursting with emails regarding this little beauty so I’m going to tackle the issue of GDPR.

Eeek, I know, we’re all sick of hearing about it and if I’m being totally honest, I don’t think it will make a lot of difference to people out there – I mean have you had any less spam than you had before?  but it’s the law now so… If you’ve been to visit the studio recently, you will notice that you now have to sign an annoying form allowing me to do a few things with your photos…

  • You give consent for photographs to be taken during this photo shoot as discussed and agreed.  Why this would come as a surprise to anyone I don’t know but go figure…
  • You give consent for a maximum of three images from your gallery to be used in my portfolio including my website and social media channels.  This is an important one for me as it allows me to show prospective clients my latest work which is what people really want to see when they’re deciding whether to book me or not.  It’s not obligatory but it’s great if you’re happy with it as it makes a real difference to me carrying on in this business.
  • You give consent for these images to be stored on my computer and external hard drives for a period of 18 months prior to permanent deletion.  This one is a really thorny one for me as I usually like to keep your images in some form for as long as I can so you can get them back if you need too.   A lady rang me in tears last year as she’d lost her images from a few years ago and luckily I still had archive copies of them for her.  That’s not going to be an option for me any more so please, back up, back up and then back up again.
  • You give consent to sign up for emails regarding special offers and events.  I’m not going to spam you, honestly.  I send about five a year (and they’ll all have an unsubscribe link in case I get on your nerves) but of course you don’t have to join – whatever makes you happy is good with me!

So that’s it. The main one that is different to how things were before is the one about deleting archive copies of everything after 18 months so I really can’t stress enough to back your images up in different places so you can keep them to look back on for all the years to come.