Your maternity photo shoot is all about showing off your new shape, but whether you’re planning to stay fully dressed or go nude / partially nude, here’s some clothing advice to make sure you really get the most from your session.

Wear Solid Colours – Patterns can be very distracting so, where possible, stick to plain clothing. If you’re posing with a partner then it’s nice to match colours or tones (but not actual outfits, that would be most odd).  Think about your styling in terms of choosing from a colour palette and, if you’re planning to get your photos on the wall at home, you might want to think about what would suit your home decor.

Go Classic – Your photos are designed to be looked at and loved by you and your family for many years to come.  So try and choose outfits that are classic.  That way, when you show the pictures to your grand kids, they will really see you and not your clothing.  That’s another good reason to steer clear of patterns and prominent logos as they will always date more quickly.

Use Textures – Plain doesn’t mean boring through.  You can add textures and layers to add interest and definitely don’t forget your accessories. Kept them simple so that they don’t distract from your bump but it’s nice to add interest with accessories.

Shoes? – Most maternity photos focus on 3/4 length portraits so mid-thigh upwards.  So shoes aren’t so important for your shoot.  That said, if you want to rock your favourite killer heels then you totally should, bring them along and we’ll make sure they’re featured.

Maxi Dresses -Especially if you’re pregnant in the summer months, these are a god-send and they can look great in your photo shoot too.  Their flowing lines can show off your bump (we can pull in your dress or add a little breeze to really accentuate it), but they have the advantage of keeping other parts covered.  If you’re not so keen on your arms then you can always team up your maxi with a bolero or cap sleeve cardigan.

Flowing Dresses & Shirts – These look great with a belt to cinch in just under your bust line before your bump starts.  Again, they show off your bump and flatter everything else.

Clingy Dresses – That said, you can always take another approach and bring something clingy. Something that hugs your curves can really show off your pregnancy shape.

Something That Buttons at the Front – If you’d like a few bare bump photos but you’re not comfortable with just wearing your underwear, then a button up shirt, robe or dress is a great idea. That way you can still have your bump peeping out but still feel fully covered.

If you’re not sure whether to go with the flowy or wear something figure hugging, bring both.  There’s loads of time for changing in a session and you’ll have more variety in your finished image gallery.

Maternity Photography

I recommend coming for your maternity shoot when you are between 32 – 36 weeks pregnant so you have plenty of bump to show but you’re not getting too uncomfortable (also in case your baby decides to make an early appearance).  My maternity shoots cost £95 and include your three favourite digital images (you’re also welcome to borrow any of my gorgeous maternity photo shoot dresses while you’re in the studio).  You select your pictures and order any more that you would like directly from your online gallery, there’s no sales or viewing session to attend.