Cake Smash Photo Shoots in East Grinstead West Sussex

I’ve been lucky enough to photography lots of sets of twins over my photography career and they absolutely fascinate me.

I love to see how they act together, whether they are similar or completely different and I’ve definitely had both types in the studio.  In the case of this duo, they were very different in terms of personality.  The little girl on the left who looks to be offering the spoon to her sister was actually going to snatch it away in a ‘haha gotcha’ moment about second after this shot and I couldn’t take more photos for a minute as I was laughing so hard. One of the first things that amazed me when I started photographing babies was how early you can see the seeds of their little personalities and this lass is going to be a joker for sure!

When it comes to cake smashing and tub splashing with twins, then obviously they share the same time and either my miniature rolltop or tin tub will comfortably fit them both in (the milk bath definitely won’t but I think you’d have worked that out!). I always recommend that they share a cake as that gives them a single point to focus on – I’ve done it with two cakes in the past but they will invariably want the other twins cake and it quite quickly gets chaotic.

The price is the same for twins to cake smash, we just get double the fun!

Cake Smash & Tub Splash First Birthday Photo Shoot

A first birthday smash and splash photo session includes access to all the props, backdrops and accessories and also your three favourite digital images to download, print and share as much as you would like.  The cost for this is £95.