This is my camera and she’s a big part of my everyday life. She is definitely a she, you should see the work she gets through and she never complains! She never gets featured as she’s always the one taking the pictures so I thought it was time she had her own little piece of the spotlight.

Lots of people ask me about my kit and to be honest, there’s not a great deal to it. When I first started out near 20 years ago, I care a great deal about bodies and lenses and filters and stuff but then the digital photography world was pretty new so there was a lot of change really fast.

Plus, you know, I’m a girl and in my experience, girl photographers aren’t as gear-focused as guys.  Yep that’s a generalisation, there’s probably a girl somewhere who can’t wait for the magazines to showcase the greatest new up-and-comer.   I’m not being sexist – a girl can quite definitely handle her equipment, it’s just true in my experience.

Anyway, gender aside, my camera is a Canon 5DS MkIII. She has a full frame 22.3 MP sensor, 61 point AF system, ISO 100 – 25,600, blah, blah, blah… I actually had to just Google all that because frankly I had no idea.  I guess I must have looked at specifications before I upgraded from my last (very much loved) girl but then I stopped caring.

We have a special bond as we’re together a lot. My husband actually also has the same camera which I have used when mine goes in for her annual service / spa day but his doesn’t feel the same in my hand. Mine just fits to me.  She has some scuffs on her paintwork where my bracelet rubs when I work with her at weddings but then I’m not exactly pristine in the looks department myself so we go together well.

She does exactly what I need to do and she’s never let me down.    Canon EOS are built to be rugged and reliable – they’re real workhorses.  She didn’t survive my Irish Setter puppy bashing her off a counter but quite a lot of things suffered nasty accidents at the hands of the world’s naughtiest dog during those awkward puppy years.  Luckily a brief spell at the camera hospital and she was back to full strength.

So there she is – her moment in the spotlight and she is a bit of a star so she does deserve it.

I suppose that one day I will have to upgrade but it won’t be without a little regret for all the good times and the things we’ve seen together.