Baby Photography Club in West Sussex

OK, I’ve been putting off mentioning this on here cos let’s face it, we’re all sick of virus related talk (it can make you feel a little bit better if you say Covid-19 to the tune of Come On Eileen but its probably not going to get us all through this on it’s own).

I’m open for business as normal – my studio is in the garden at my home and I am the only person (apart from clients obvs) who has access to it. Owing to a pretty impressive Amazon shopping habit, I’m very rarely to be found away from home and my husband also works from home so self isolation is pretty much built into my lifestyle. As I write that, I’m thinking we probably should get out more once all this is over.

As an additional precaution, I’ll be inviting you to wash your hands on arrival (or use sanitiser if you have that with you and prefer it). I’ll do the same and I’ll be limiting physical contact between me and anyone who comes to visit. Don’t get me wrong, I was never going to touch you that much anyway, but I do sometimes get involved with positioning children for the shoot. We can elbow bump on arrival. This, apparently is what all the cool kids are doing now.

The exception to this is newborn photography which is obviously pretty hands on in nature but hygiene has always been a major concern there anyway. The studio and props are always cleaned and sanitised before and after a session so nothing really changes there for me.

If you’re feeling ill obviously get in touch and we’ll reschedule.  If you have a session booked with me already and you need to cancel for any virus related reason, then I’m happy to reschedule it for a different date or a different type of session in the future.

Ok, we’re done talking about this stuff – back to normal service on this page for me. This is a picture from the first ever portrait session I photographed nearly 20 years ago. A reminder to myself that I’ve been here a long time yet, and I’m pretty certain I’ll be here a long time still.