So these five gorgeous girls came to visit to celebrate a birthday with a photo shoot – all besties together and these pictures are from the final section of the shoot.

Teenage birthday party photo shoots are booked in the studio for two hours and can have up to four outfit changes – a lot of the fun is in selecting and coordinating the outfits that are to be worn.  Some ideas I’ve had in the past are black and white, skater skirts, prom dresses, beach outfits, cowboy hats, and of course onesies (sometimes with teddy bears) but my young clients are brilliant stylists and they are always surprising me with the ideas that they come up with.

So these ladies chose to bring coloured t-shirts and black leggings, black and white outfits, onesies and then this was their final outfit – entitled ‘party wear’.  For this section, as we were already well into our modelling groove, we took a visit to the studio’s dark side to strut our stuff.  We did group portraits and some solo ones where the girls were trying out all that they’d learned about posing during the session. They all look beautiful but I suppose they are a bit serious and I wouldn’t want you to think we didn’t have any fun so I’ve shared a couple of the silly ones as well!

No modelling experience is necessary as I gently guide the girls through every step of the session and the emphasis on these sessions is on keeping it fun and age appropriate, teaching the girls some modelling tips and tricks but overall on having a blast and building confidence – the girls come out of the session buzzing!