Becky came to visit as she had always wanted professional photos taken and it was just my good fortune that she picked my studio when her mum got around to organising it for her.  She is an absolutely stunning girl and a natural in front of the camera that’s for sure.  There’s always time for a change of outfits (in fact we crammed three different looks into her session) and it’s a great idea to bring along more than one option so you can have fun creating different looks and working with different styles which is exactly what we did.  From casual and informal right through to a more ‘serious’ session in the low light half of my studio – I really struggled to pick my favourites to share as I loved them all so much.

Teen portrait sessions  are especially designed to offer a little ‘model’ experience whilst they are gently guided through every aspect of posing for the camera so there is no need for any kind of previous experience.  The sessions are designed to be a little more ‘grown up’ than an average family portrait session but poses and settings are always kept age appropriate.  These are great confidence building sessions, perfect for a special treat or reward or just to fulfil a bit of an ambition and, despite some more serious expressions, these are really good fun!