Mia came to visit for the Model Experience – the teen and pre teen portrait session that includes professional hair styling and make up.  Now she really didn’t need much make up at all, plus I think it’s important to keep these things age appropriate and covering an already very beautiful young girl in make up (she’s not even a teenager yet) just doesn’t fit the bill.  We did however give her some light and gentle curls in her beautiful long dark locks and finish them off with a super glossy serum to enhance that chestnut shine.

She and her mum had worked together to create her looks and they had done just such a wonderful job of finding clothes that Mia loved and really showed her off to her best.  We had a great time creating different looks and styles with various backdrops and lighting options (I just love how flexible my studio is – it makes life so easy).  She was very natural in front of the camera even if she did banish her mum to the hallway so she couldn’t watch her while she was ‘working’.  A gorgeous girl with a beautiful set of finished images.