Well hang onto your hats ladies and gents, if you loved my very long post about the joys of spray sanitiser a while ago, this one is going to rock your world. It’s on the very interesting subject of ventilation!

According to the latest government advice, ventilation is everything when it comes to adding additional Covid protection. It wasn’t a problem in our glorious summer but now with windows and doors shut up tight, stuffiness is our enemy. As I promised at the start of all this, I will take every measure according to the development of the advice and so I’ve invested in these little gadgets for my studio windows (which in taking these photos I realise could do with repainting).
So when you visit the studio now, the window will locked open a little bit to allow the air to flow – don’t worry, it’ll still be warm and toasty in there but we’ll have the enjoyment of plenty of fresh air.
What’d I tell you, another exciting post from the Sarah Fisher Covid Safe Workplace series!