Studio Prop East Grinstead West Sussex

Having options is one of the central ideas at my studio – not just because you might like one thing over another (although that’s important) but also because no one style fits all and this is true of my studio prop chair collection.

I have a variety of child sized chairs to suit different styles and age groups and while they are perfect for little people who stay where you put them (although if they’re even a little bit mobile obviously I always have a parent on guard duty just out of shot so they can prevent any accidents), they are also a really useful tool to have in my arsenal if I’m shooting a little one who is fully mobile.  Children tend to be drawn to anything that is right sized for them and so these can be a real winner in persuading a mobile little person to pause and sit for a minute while something as boring as having their photograph taken is being done.  I’m not above being sneaky if it gets the results that we want!

Plus, you know, they’re cute and I do value that greatly!