I’m delighted to be able to offer my clients who’ve booked in for a cake smash and tub splash first birthday shoot, the ability to order outfits and cake toppers directly from me.  They’ll then be waiting at the studio when you arrive to begin your session.

Cake smash outfits and toppers West Sussex

Cake Smash Vest and Topper Set

If you’re visiting my studio for a cake smash, then I can provide you with this little vest and topper set as the perfect outfit for your little one. It’s a white short sleeved vest with ‘I am One’ printed on it in either blue or pink. Then there’s a matching topper, again in either blue or pink (these aren’t glittery as they don’t show up so well in the photos). Order from here and have your set waiting for you at your session.

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Cake smash outfits and toppers West Sussex

Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers that read ‘I am One’ are available in a variety of colours (just click on the Buy button to browse the range) £2.50

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