Snow Globe Digital Christmas Images

This year’s Christmas events at the studio were all messed up by Lockdown 2.0 so there was a frantic scramble by me with one day’s notice to move as many of the snow globe and mini photo shoots to the time before I had to shut my doors for another month.

The thinking behind this was to create space for the main Christmas events when I can get back to work in December 2nd and I was lucky enough to have lots of clients who were flexible enough to come and visit the studio at short notice and get their Christmas photo done a little earlier than expected.  One of the event days that I had planned was my first all digital event and I have to say, that even with the last minute nature of things, it went amazingly well.

The aim was to create the digital snow globe image for clients – perfect for gifts and Christmas cards.  It’s a short and simple visit to the studio to create the base image and then the work goes on in my editing suite to put it together into this festive little treat.  Literally five minutes in the studio and you get to download your image and print it however you’d like – I know one client has had it made into a jigsaw to give as a gift!

The sessions are £25 including the image and I think they’ve worked so well that I’m already planning next year’s digital Christmas event!