Smash the cake photo shoots are fast becoming a normal way to celebrate that super special first birthday which is quite amazing as they’ve only been around in the UK for a few years.   At my studio, I combine the cake smash with the tub splash to double the fun (and also to allow you to take a home a baby that’s a lot less sticky!)

If you haven’t seen one before or if you have and you’re just mulling over whether its something you want to do with your little one, then here’s some more information…

So What Is It?

It’s pretty much what the name suggests, you put a one year old in front of a cake and let them explore (and occasionally they even eat some of it!).  We actually start with a ‘clean shoot’ to capture your nearly one year old before they get started.  This is a great time to jump in as mum and dad (or brothers and sisters) if you’d like to. Then it is time to get messy with the cake. Once we’ve exhausted the fun with this, then we will up one of my miniature bath tubs with warm water (you can add bubbles if you’d like to) and it’s time for some splashing fun and a bit of a clean up after the stickiness of the cake.  All finished and you go on home and look forward to seeing your pictures in your online gallery a week or so after your photo shoot.

Where are the Shoots Held?

At my studio in Crawley Down.  I handle all the post session clean up  – you simply smash and go!

When do I Book?

You’re welcome to make your photo shoot part of your birthday celebrations if you’d like to.  If you’d rather have the photos ready for the big day itself, then book in a couple of weeks beforehand to make sure that I have enough time to get everything ready for you.  The studio is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm so you can choose a date to suit and a time when your baby is most up for an adventure!

What does it Cost?

A cake smash / tub splash session includes your three favourite digital images and costs £95.  You view and select your images in your private online gallery – there’s no sales session to attend.  You’re welcome to order more either in print, canvas or digital format from here as well.

Do you provide the Cake?

I don’t – there’s just too many options and food allergies to take into account.

What Type of Cake is Best?

I’d steer clear of chocolate cake as it can look a little iffy in the finished photos if you get my drift.  I’ve had all sorts of cake in the studio from huge professionally made ones to store bought and I think they all work wonderfully well so you should choose according to your budget, style preference and time available to you.  The only thing I would say is that shop bought cakes can tend to have harder icing as they have to be transported and not end up a soggy mess in the box.  Cake smashes work best with squishy buttercream style icing for maximum mess factor so just take a look at the cakes in the shop and judge their ‘squish factor’ before purchasing.

What do I Need to Bring?

You need to bring along a cake, plus a towel, flannel and some bubble bath if you’re adding in the tub splash.  In terms of outfits, people choose all sorts of things to cake smash in – from party dresses to simple nappy covers (unfortunately I can’t lend you any of my outfits to cake smash in as they’d get wrecked too quickly).  The tub splash obviously doesn’t require any clothes though you’re welcome to bring along a swim nappy if you’d like to (it’s not obligatory)

What Props do you Have?

I have a giant pink and blue stuffed number one that we can use for the clean shoot portion, some blackboards and little ‘I am 1’ signs along with some different coloured ‘1’s’.  Then I have a number of accessory sets that are designed to complement the tub splash part of the shoot (the giant duck is always a popular choice).  There’s also lots of bunting that you can choose from in various colours and styles.

How do I Choose the Style?

When you arrive for your shoot, your first job is to make a number of decisions that decide the style, backdrop and props you’d like for your shoot. First, you choose the tub you’d like to use (I have a vintage tin tub or a miniature white clawfoot tub), then you choose the backdrop you want, the accessory set that you’d like for the tub splash and any bunting you’d like to add in from my collection. If you’d like to bring along your own items to include then you’re more than welcome to (bunting needs to be five foot long and I don’t particularly recommend the type that spells out ‘happy birthday’ as it will be too wide to get it all the shot)

Of course if you have other questions or things you like to chat over, then just get in touch and I’m always happy to help.