This is Freddie at his final baby photography club session and celebrating his first birthday.  We commemorated this extra special occasion by enjoying a smash the cake and splash in the tub photo shoot and, while a lot of babies aren’t over fond of the cake in all honesty, Freddie just enjoyed the whole process immensely.

I love his little outfit of nappy cover and matching tie (well a gentleman should always make an effort), and I’ve noticed that more and more of these outfits especially designed for photo shoots and cake smashes are becoming available online at really reasonable prices.  You have to admit, he looks pretty spiffy in his!  I do have outfits but unfortunately not any that can be used for cake smashing, so it’s definitely worth a look online (particularly on a certain well known auction site) if you’d like to add a personal touch to your smash. It’s not obligatory of course.  Lots of people ‘smash’ in a vest or just a nappy and it looks just as great.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to enjoy Freddie at various stages of his cake smash session – I’m going to miss that little one now he’s come to the end of his Joey Club year but hopefully he won’t be a stranger.