Always a pleasure to catch up with this lovely family – this time for their youngest daughter’s first birthday cake smash and tub splash photo shoot.

If I’m honest though, it was a session that began all that well as the cake plummeted to the ground on the driveway as the cake tin opened itself!  Luckily, it landed and stayed on just one side so we made the best of it and chopped that side off when we got to the studio.  The rest remained pristine and if I’m honest, Georgie didn’t actually eat any of it.  She quite enjoyed hitting it with the wooden spoon and messing about with it, but eating it didn’t hold that much appeal.  That’s quite often the case as it goes, but the good news here is that you don’t a whole lot of actual smashing to get great cake smash photos.  Playing with it yields just as great pictures!

Then after cake time was finished, we topped up the bath with warm water and let her have a good old splash around to clean up and finish off her image set.  A vision in pink – a great set of first birthday photographs!

Cake Smash & Tub Splash Photo Shoots

A cake smash and tub splash photo shoot is the perfect way to celebrate and commemorate that extra special first birthday.   We start with a clean shoot and mum, dad and siblings are welcome to get involved here as well for family pictures if you’d like to.  Then it’s time to get out the cake for some smashing fun!  After that, it’s time to fill your choice of tub with warm and bubbly water for more great pictures and a good old icing removal clean up.  Each session includes your three favourite digital images (chosen from your online gallery, there’s no sales session) and costs £95.

Cake smash and tub splash sessions are also included in my baby photography club – the Joey Club so if you have a little one (under four months) take a look at that to find out more about capturing your first year together.