This pair were the picture of sibling love and affection at my Christmas event and apparently that’s not just for the cameras – they are genuinely that close and cuddly for the most part (well brothers and sisters always need to be teasing each other a little bit!)

They were such a lovely pair to work with in the studio that we used all three of my festive themed Christmas sets to create a wide selection of images of them both together and separately

  • Snow scene
  • Woodland teepee
  • Christmas fireplace

Photos make perfect gifts and also images for holiday cards and my Christmas photo shoot event is the perfect, hassle free way to get all of your images in one easy, fun and relaxed session.  Each photo shoot includes one digital image and costs £25. Now, I know a lot of photographers trumpet a cheap session price in a hope that they’ll make you part with a lot of your Christmas spending money in the post session sales meeting.  Truthfully, I hate this approach and I don’t do it – you’d know if I was lying (I’m a dreadful liar).  So you simply view and order your images online a few days after your session and order what you’d like to.  A single additional digital image is £12 or it’s £50 for everything in your gallery if you love them all and simply can’t decide.

No sales, no surprises, no high prices, just wonderful images for you to enjoy and gift over the festive season.

Smile, print, wrap, relax…