Family Portrait Photography West Sussex

Relaxed family portrait photography is perfectly possible in the studio – it doesn’t need to be stiff and formal.  The days of Olan Mills are long gone!

OK I’m not going to lie to you, there’s always going to be an element of posing when it comes to the studio.  It’s never going to be a case of just turning up and playing around and expecting to get great photos out of it.  I have to position you and set the lighting and, and this is particularly true when it comes to kids, natural playing around doesn’t tend to yield good results.

For example, if you bring toys for kids to play with together and we leave them to their own devices, they are likely to just be looking downwards and so we’ll just get a lot of pictures of the tops of their heads which doesn’t exactly make for wall-worthy art.  However, what we can do is set up a situation where the toys can provide a distraction along with us and then work with that in a position to get great images.

I think what I’m trying to say is that when people say they want natural photos of their family and kids in a studio, we kind of manufacture it a little bit by creating a space with you all together and keeping that static and then let your natural family dynamic shine on through.  It’s a little bit of a cheat I guess but you get relaxed family photos and still great quality!

Family Photography

A family photo shoot in my warm and welcoming studio in Crawley Down is suitable for groups of up to two adults and three children (please call me to discuss before booking if your group is larger than this).  The session fee includes three digital images and costs £95.   As with all of my photography, there’s no sales or viewing meeting to attend – you simply view and order what you would like from your private online gallery. Here’s a link to my digital and print pricing.