Sarah Fisher Photography Website Photographer East Grinstead Sussex

Another lockdown project for me was to revisit and refresh my website.  It wasn’t that I hated the last version but there were a few little niggles and more importantly, it wasn’t ideal when people visit from mobile devices.

The new version features a clean and streamlined design that is designed to load fast and work on mobile phones and tablets to make it easier to browse and find what you’re looking for.  I’ve also added some additional content to address some common questions so that you can find answers for yourself quickly and simply if you’d like to – not that you’re not always welcome to contact me of course!

I don’t think you’re ever really finished with a website if I’m being honest, there’s always a list on the go somewhere of things you’d like to tidy and new features you’d like to include but for now I’m happy that this is a solid foundation and I can tinker away quite happily around the edges of it.  So I’m trying to stay positive and think that lockdown, while closing my studio, did give me the chance to pay some attention to my digital home – I’ll take the win for that!