Cake smash and tub splash first birthday crawley down west sussex
Cake smash and tub splash first birthday crawley down west sussex
Cake smash and tub splash first birthday crawley down west sussex

Isla is at the last of her Joey Club baby photography club sessions and she has been such a happy little soul that I was really looking forward to seeing her again. Her mum also comes up with such lovely ideas for what she wants out of the session so I knew this was going to be fun.  She had chosen a navy and yellow theme for little Isla’s cake smash along with a rainbow cake which worked just perfectly and Isla was of course in top form to enjoy it all (especially the cake).

I have two giant soft number ‘1’ props that I sometimes use at cake smashes and first birthday shoots and the other one is pink. I know it’s not fashionable to gender stereotype but I’ll be honest and say that I do normally use the pink for girls and the blue for boys – it’s just the way it usually works out. However it’s not a hard and fast rule and the pink one just wasn’t going to work with this colour scheme and so we went with the blue and it looks perfect.

Then it was time to get out the cake which Isla particularly enjoyed!  It had a rainbow inside and so we made sure that this part was on show once a bit of damage had been caused and her mum chose my rainbow bunting which we centred on the yellow part to complement the yellow balloons.  I love how it all came together and I also love Isla’s intense concentration on her cake!

Top tip: helium balloons are a great addition to a cake smash and so you’re welcome to bring them along.  We tie them really short to the weight so that you get balloon in the shot and not just the string.  Non-helium balloons can also work really well and I recommend at least three. The only potential downside to them is that they can look more interesting to play with than the cake sometimes so we occasionally we just slide them out of the way to avoid lots of photos with a balloon in place of your baby’s head or them crawling off to chase a particularly interesting one. 

Then we replaced the cake with the bath and if you’re going with a yellow theme, then there is no more perfect accessory set than my ducks so that’s what we went with along with my miniature roll top bath.  Great splashing photos and a clean baby to take away – what’s not to love?

Cake Smash & Tub Splash Photo Shoots

A cake smash and tub splash photo shoot is the perfect way to celebrate and commemorate that extra special first birthday.   We start with a clean shoot and mum, dad and siblings are welcome to get involved here as well for family pictures if you’d like to.  Then it’s time to get out the cake for some smashing fun!  After that, it’s time to fill your choice of tub with warm and bubbly water for more great pictures and a good old icing removal clean up.  Each session includes your three favourite digital images (chosen from your online gallery, there’s no sales session) and costs £95.

Cake smash and tub splash sessions are also included in my baby photography club – the Joey Club so if you have a little one (under four months) take a look at that to find out more about capturing your first year together.

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