Of course all babies are special but a rainbow baby has perhaps a little extra significance to their friends and family. In case you haven’t come across the phrase before, a rainbow baby is one that is born after another is lost through miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth.  Their rainbow status signifies the arrival of beauty after the storm, it doesn’t mean that the storm was any less violent or it is ever going to be over but that there is some beautiful light in the family again.

One of my clients a few weeks ago posted a link on my Facebook wall of some really beautiful rainbow themed newborn and maternity photo shoots designed to celebrate these rainbow pregnancies and babies and I instantly fell in love with the idea.  So I’ve been putting together a set of rainbow props and accessories for maternity photo shoots and newborn sessions so I can begin to incorporate this into my work where clients would like me to.  Of course, without the added significance of the rainbow baby, it is a beautiful theme in it’s own right and suitable for both boys and girls so I can see it becoming really popular.

The first to turn up are a  set of rainbow coloured cloths which are really versatile way of incorporating the theme in lots of different ways for newborn and baby shoots – watch this space for news of more rainbow themed accessories as they arrive with me.  My post has never been so pretty.