Cake Smash Photo Shoots in East Grinstead West Sussex

There’s a lot of things that I like about this photo from a recent first birthday photo shoot in the studio.

Firstly it features one of my brand new studio backdrops – peach balloons – and I love seeing it in action. It’s just as pretty as I would have hoped.

Secondly, the milk bath – it’s not the option that is more commonly selected but I do think it’s really pretty.  If you’re going for this option, you literally just need a splash of milk (any milk will do – breast milk, oat milk, good old semi-skimmed…) to colour the water so you don’t need to bring along much of it.

Thirdly, all the flowers.  I really love styling photo shoots with flowers and I have a pretty large collection of artificial blooms at the studio so we can match colour schemes.

Last but not least, the super smile of the gorgeous little model. She absolutely loved being in the water and have a good old splash. It’s true to say that the milk bath is a lot smaller than the other two options but that doesn’t make it any less fun for sure!

Choosing a Tub Splash to Celebrate a First Birthday

Capturing the perfect first birthday tub splash bath photo shoot requires a combination of skill, creativity, and patience. The main objective is to capture the pure happiness and curiosity that comes with this new experience. My studio offers a comfortable and safe environment for the child, allowing them to freely explore the water while capturing each precious moment. I’m experienced in capturing them and I love the unpredictable nature of a child’s reactions – my job is to make sure that every giggle, splash, and expression is perfectly frozen in time.

To create the shots, we can use various props and backgrounds that complement the child’s age and personality. Brightly colored rubber ducks, floating bubbles, and playful bath toys can add a touch of whimsy to the images. We focus on the big picture but also on capturing the tiny details, such as the water droplets on the child’s skin or the twinkle in their eyes, to truly evoke the joy and innocence of the moment.

First birthday tub splash bath photo shoots are not just about capturing beautiful images; they are about preserving precious memories for years to come. As parents, we understand the fleeting nature of childhood and how quickly these precious moments pass. The photographs from a tub splash bath session allow us to relive and cherish these memories long after our children have grown.

As the years go by, these photographs become a priceless reminder of the child’s first experiences and the love and joy that surrounded them. They become a tangible representation of the child’s personality and their journey of growth and development. Sharing these images with family and friends also allows us to spread the joy and celebrate our child’s milestones together.

Cake Smash & Tub Splash First Birthday Photo Shoot

A first birthday smash and splash photo session includes access to all the props, backdrops and accessories and also your three favourite digital images to download, print and share as much as you would like.  The cost for this is £95.