A smiling baby with long brown hair sitting in a chair in a professional studio environment

PSA – Children, Snot and Photos!

Ok, this is definitely not the most glamorous post that I’ve ever written (and I once wrote about how excited I was about spray sanitiser being a thing) but here’s a thing to know about children. They are quite often snotty. It doesn’t even really matter if they have a cold or not, for a lot of kids this is just their default setting.

In general life, this doesn’t matter and a quick baby wipe swipe is all you need but when you’re visiting the studio, it pays to a bit more thorough. It’s going to show in the photos and I get that kids don’t like having their faces extensively cleaned as a general rule but we definitely need to bite the bullet at the start of the session.

Photoshop is a wonderful thing and has some hefty AI capabilities now but until they introduce a de-snot filter, it is a fact that nostrils are almost impossible to rebuild without giving a very artificial look to your pictures so we do need to do it IRL.

I’ll get you to have a good check and clean up at the start of the session and we’ll keep wiping as required throughout to make sure your little one looks at their sparkling best for all of their images! I have tons of wet wipes at the studio and you’re always welcome to borrow.

Of course, if Photoshop do ever do me the favour of introducing the filter, I will use the heck out of it and we can all save ourselves some wet wipe money!