It’s always exciting to photograph such a new life but there’s something really special when you get two come along at once such as these two gorgeous newborn twin girls.

They were wonderful models, both content to pose together – I always find with twins that they settle best when they’re almost as close together as they were in the womb  and these two were no exception.  They naturally wrapped around each other with complete comfort and ease and this closeness really captures that extra special twin bond.

Twins do tend to arrive a little earlier than a standard solo baby and so you do get an extra week or so in which to book your newborn photography and still capture them at their sleepy poseable best which is good as they quite often spend a couple of extra days in the hospital.  These little girls were about three weeks old but they settled so wonderfully.  Still, those early hazy days home from the hospital can race by in a sleepless blur and so I’d definitely recommend booking your newborn photography when you’re still pregnant – one less thing to think about when you’re dealing with your new babies and all the craziness that this brings along.  You’ll never regret capturing those precious early days!