Amelia was only very little when she came to visit the studio – barely a week old which should have made her very sleepy and pliable.  I’m always recommending newborn photo shoots take place before your baby reaches two weeks old at the latest so they are still in this dozy stage.  Anyway, shows what I know as at even this tender age, she was wide awake and decidedly bushy tailed throughout her session.

We fed her, we cuddled her (we all had a go at that one to find the one in the room with the magical soothing powers), we rocked her, we sang to her, we tried every trick in the book – so much so that I feel Dr Seuss would have been able to make a very charming set of rhymes about this session but they all would have ended, ‘she simply did not want to sleep’.  So OK, you work with the little soul that you have in the room and although she didn’t want to sleep, she was certainly not short on charm.  Totally gorgeous and very happy to lie there and pose for her photos, let me move her around and dress her up all the while regarding me with those beautiful wide awake eyes.  Taking it all in and having a good old think about it all.

A timely refresher for me of the very key principle of newborn photography.  The smallest person in the room is the boss..