It’s always lovely when clients come back to visit although sometimes it’s a little scary to realise just how much time has passed since I saw them last.  The big sister in the photo is a good example of this – a grown up gorgeous girl now but I really didn’t think it was all that long since she had visited for her own newborn photos and here she was with her little brother just a few days old.

Fab to see them again and also of course to meet little Oliver who was as good as gold for his pictures – snoozing sweetly while we added all sorts of outfits and accessories and even taking some time to chill out in my baby hammock.  With older siblings, newborn photos can be a very boring affair so we usually try to get their part done right at the start of the session (when the newest family member has settled in for a sleep) so that they are free to go visit a local park with dad, catch up on some Peppa Pig style viewing on a tablet / phone or just pop home for a bit.  That way we get great images of the new siblings together, and they have a stress free time while we focus on the newest family member.