Amirah came to visit for her newborn photos not so very long after her big brother has just finished his Joey Club year.  I just love the fact that they’ll never be able to remember a time when the other one wasn’t there – I bet they’re going to be best buddies.

That said, she wasn’t in the very best of moods with me and it took some time to get settled.  That’s not unusual in the slightest – newborn photography is at least 50% baby settling (at least!) and although parents nearly always say to me that all of my babies look so peaceful in their photos, I can assure you that they aren’t like that for a good chunk of their session. There’s very often feeding, winding, rocking, shushing and general soothing that goes on behind the scenes in order to capture those dreamy images.  There’s also a fair amount of crying (them, not me) and honestly it’s just a part of the job.  So if it’s a worry that you have about your newborn crying during their photo shoot – yes they probably will.  But then they will go to sleep and we can get on with things.  I have a wide variety of soothing techniques up my sleeve and you have mummy and daddy magic so we’ll get there between us.  No stress required.

Amirah was just the same – after an unsettled start, she was happy to get deep into the Land of Nod so we could create her images.  Her very clever nanny had made her purple and grey blanket and you can see from the smile on her face that it was just as cosy as it looked!

Newborn Photography

A newborn photo shoot is best when your baby is between 5 and 10 days old as this is when they are at their maximum sleepiness and poseability to capture those dreamy shots.  For this reason, I definitely recommend that you book when you are pregnant as this is one less thing to worry about scheduling when you’ve just got home from the hospital.   We make an appointment for your due date plus 7 days and then adjust it as needed.  My newborn shoots include your three favourite digital images which you select from your online gallery a few weeks after your photo shoot – I don’t make you attend a sales or viewing session.