This little lad is just a few days old and the son of two proud police officers.  They brought along some brilliant items to include to reflect their life on the thin blue line and to include in their newborn photos to personalise them.

They also brought along a very special blanket that had been gifted to them and the adorable wooden star that you can see in one of the pictures – these type of items make the perfect addition to a newborn photo shoot.

Anyway, he was in fact an absolute little star for his session and he let us work with all of the lovely accessories that his mum and dad brought along while he enjoyed a good sleep.  No newborn photo shoot with a police theme would be complete without taking the chance to capture him tucked up in his dad’s police helmet.  I always work to the highest safety standards so I’d just like to reassure anyone looking at that shot that it is indeed a composite image. It obviously wouldn’t be safe to balance a baby in a hat for real even on my large and squishy beanbag so I capture two images of the same shot and digitally merge them with dad’s hand providing support and keeping everyone safe and sound.

All families have their own work, interests and hobbies that make them unique and it’s a great idea to bring along items that reflect this to your newborn photo shoot to personalise it to you.  You’re welcome to bring along anything you’d like to include or if you want to talk over ideas then just get in touch and I’m happy to chat.