Newborn photography is always such a privilege – more so as it is such an unforgivingly short window in which you are able to capture those gorgeous sleepy newborn images.  Really after your new arrival has been around for about 14 days, it gets very hard to keep them asleep while you move and pose them.

Baby Traye was a pleasure to have in the studio although he didn’t want to sleep too much at the beginning. Still, newborn photography requires patience and any number of baby soothing skills and we always get there in the end, as you can see from the pictures.  That’s why, when you book a newborn photography session, you have the studio for two hours and I never take back to back appointments so in reality, we have even longer if we need it.  No pressure, no rush, just taking our time to get your little one into the right comfortable dreamy state to capture them sleeping peacefully.

I simply adore the one of him with his mum even though it wasn’t quite the planned shot.  She just snuggled up against him whilst we were setting up for something else and I couldn’t resist a sneaky grab of it – the love on her face is so perfect!